Sydney Medical Directory

Looking for a GP located in Sydney but not sure who to use? We have a long list of local practitioner’s in your area, finding a good GP, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Psychologist or health care professional can be challenging it is our aim to provide you with a list of GP’s that will suite your needs.

There is a medical centre near bye and various other health providers in the local areas you may live in that are not listed on line. Please contact us for your list.

Gp – Doctor

If your new to your area and not sure where to go to find a new GP or doctor we are sure we can help. In finding a new GP it is important that if you have a medical condition to try and find someone in your area that specialises or has extra training in your condition .

This can be a daunting task and often the receptionist will not have time to spend ten minutes on the phone going through your condition or requirements or maybe just not know exactly what each one of there GP’s specialise in.

If your not knowing exactly who to choose it is a great idea to visit a couple of Doctor’s and see who you like best, get along with the most and most importantly who you can be most honest with. Looking after your family is generally your number 1 concern when it comes to life and health care THFS.

Psychologist – Physiotherapists – Chiropractors

If your looking for a great psychologist it is extremly important to find a practitioner who specialises in the reasons you are seeking them for help.

It is important to be honest and open whenever engaging in any type of medical treatment a great practitioner will always be able to help and if unable will reffer you through to someone who can.

Some tips on aiding great healthcare

  • Be honest and open
  • Turn up on time
  • do as directed by the practitioner i,e take medication as advised
  • be reasonable ( a GP can not spend hours with you they simply dont have the time.

Sometimes it is also recommended to ask the GP what they specialise in and be honest and open about what your needs are.

GP recommendations Terrey Hills – Northern Beaches – Frenchs Forest

If you would like to see a GP on the northern beaches please leave your details and we will provide you 3-5 recommendations of great practitioners in your area.