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Looking for an awesome hairdresser located in Melbourne? There are literally thousands of hairdressers located in Melbourne and hundred of thousands of hairdressers located within Australia. How does one know who to choose? Hair Salon or home based ? Master Stylist?

There are several ways to choose a hairdresser!

Know what type of personalty you would like in your hairdresser





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If your after an at home hairdresser or after a salon experience please be aware of market trends of hairdressing.

At Home Hair Salons

In the last five years the biggest market trend for hairdressers has been at home salons. Most if not nearly all master hairdressers are now working from home. It makes sense why work in a salon for 25$ an hour when you can work from home for$50 per hour.

To be an effective hairdresser

For your hair experience to be the best value for money, a hairdresser must. Listen to what you say especially during the initial consultation. This process is mastered by master stylists. Many hairdressers make the mistake of doing what they think will best suite the client when actually it is not what the client wants at all.

What should i be charged at $

Every hairdresser in Australia will have different rates, a reasonable rate for a master stylist is between $50-70 per hour. When you see adds for foils for $50 you can almost guarantee a juniour will be doing your hair. If a hairdresser is amazing they will be in demand and will not settle for a small ammount of money. This can be a great way to test your hairdresser by try to bargain down. A great hairdresser will not bargain down as they know their value and will demand a good rate for their work.